Vinyl VS Epoxy


If you are considering vinyl flooring, we would like to introduce you to the latest in floor systems.  Epoxy coated floor systems by Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes offer many advantages over traditional vinyl floors.  Unlike vinyl flooring, epoxy coated floors stand up to much more traffic and abuse and are virtually maintenance free! We use only the highest grade polymer floor surface products that are specifically formulated to be the absolute best in the industry!

Vinyl Flooring

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes
Epoxy Coated Floors

  • Vinyl flooring is susceptible to rips and tears.
  • Our Poly Hybrid top coat is the most durable coating available.
  • Water can seep through rips, tears and seams of vinyl flooring and can promote the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew in walls and floor substrate.
  • Water cannot penetrate epoxy coated floors making them far more sanitary.
  • Our coating process can be applied to verticals (stem walls), making the seam between floor and wall impermeable.
  • Vinyl flooring undergoes out gassing, which releases volatile organic chemicals into the air.  These chemicals can contribute to respiratory health complications and eye irritation.
  • Vinyl flooring is produced from non-renewable resources and is not biodegradable.  This means that vinyl flooring creates ecological waste problems.
  • All of our products are GREEN and VOC (volatile organic chemical) free.
  • Vinyl flooring will react with rubber so mats with rubber backing will cause permanent discoloration.
  • All of our floor coatings are stain resistant.
  • Direct sunlight will fade vinyl flooring.
  • During our process, we incorporate a UV-stabilizer when the floor will be subjected to sunlight.
  • Vinyl flooring must be removed and replaced when it is damaged because there is no way to refinish it.
  • If our floor coating becomes damaged, repairs can be performed easily by re-coating problem areas.
  • Maintenance of vinyl floors is time consuming.
  • Our floor coatings are virtually maintenance free. Mopping or using a squeegee with an application of water and vinegar is all that is necessary.


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 If you are considering vinyl floors, call or visit our showroom today to see for yourself how our epoxy floor systems compare!