Our industrial-grade low-VOC and low-odor epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic and polyurethane coatings are designed for safe indoor and outdoor commercial, retail and residential applications.  Our coating systems:

  • Protect against abrasion and wear associated with heavy loads and high foot/vehicular traffic
  • Strongly shield against the penetration of stains, including oil and other contaminents
  • Provide extreme UV protection and safeguard against weathering and harsh environments
  • Deliver extreme protection against moisture infiltration (moisture vapor transmission or MVT)
  • Mitigate against future concrete cracking by affording unparalleled flexural strength
  • Conceal and repair surface concrete cracks, efflorescence, pitting and breaks
  • Provide slip-resistance with the addition of anti-skid aggregates
  • Allow for trouble-free, near-effortless cleaning and maintenance



We provide concrete repair, coating removal, floor sealing, and epoxy coating systems for any commercial setting; including, but not limited to: Dealerships, Auto Body Shops, Warehouses, Airplane Hangars, Correctional Facilities, Fire and Police Departments, Schools and Government Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Hair and Nail Salons, Funeral Homes, Apartment and Retirement Facilities, Office and Retail settings, Restaurants and Food Services, Country Clubs and Golf Courses, American Legions, Churches and Religious Institutions, Banquet Halls, and more.