Transform your Garage and Increase your Home Value

While 2020 has been a crazy year, the lack of travel and free time has permitted the opportunity to invest back into ourselves and our homes. Home valuations, in our area, have risen; providing amidst the chaos, a positive light.

Whether the rise in valuations has encouraged you to move, or invest your back into your current house, we can help you improve and increase value.

Where to Focus Home Investments?

As a general rule of thumb, when you invest properly into your home, 20 to 25 cents can be applied to the cost, while the other 75 to 80 cents goes back to your house via increased value.

The first area of improvement is always a kitchen or bathroom, but once those are completed where do you look next? We suggest the homes most neglected space, the Garage. At approximately 400 square feet, a standard two-car garage is a large missed opportunity if neglected.

Take a moment to consider the space… Generally featuring spider-webs, cracked and stained concrete, a mess of toys and mayhem, it does not scream “Welcome Home!” We believe in changing this, in coming home after a days’ work, opening the garage door, feeling peace and pride, and being the envy of the neighborhood.

Here is What We Suggest

If needed, patch your drywall, add a fresh coat of paint, swap out your lighting for a no-maintenance LED option, but most importantly: transform your concrete.

Our epoxy flooring is the most important step in transforming your garage into an extension of your home. Featuring a color scheme for every home and style, our epoxy adds beauty and freshness. In addition, our materials are selected to withstand the midwestern weather – making salt-clean up easy, but also minimizing slipping hazards.

Whether you are staying or going, adding a usable space is always a benefit. The modern entryway, a garage may just be a garage, but our epoxy floors give you the option for it to be so much more – an extra living space, a workout room, or whatever you might dream up. Whatever you decide, or wherever you land, we love helping homeowners add value to their space.

To Summarize

Want to increase home valuation? Call us today. We offer free quotes, have a variety of flooring options, and can meet almost all price ranges and styles. We can not wait to transform your concrete and your life.