Linoleum VS Epoxy


Technology for floor coverings has come a long way since linoleum floors became popular in the 1950’s.  Once thought of as the premier choice, linoleum floors were often installed with an asbestos backing.  It goes without saying that this makes if more expensive and dangerous to remove today.  Fortunately, we at Garage Floor Coating – the Great Lakes have the solution for you.  Our epoxy coated floors can be installed over virtually any existing floor surface – even linoleum floor covering containing asbestos.

Check out the following chart to learn more about linoleum floor covering and the advantages to an epoxy floor coating by Garage Floor Coating – the Great Lakes.

Linoleum Floor

Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes
Epoxy Coated Floors

  • Linoleum floor covering is not recommended for bathrooms or areas with high moisture.
  • Water cannot penetrate epoxy coated floors making them far more sanitary.
  • Moisture in sub-floor can cause Linoleum floor covering to warp or loosen.
  • Epoxy floor covering systems are designed to penetrate and bond at the molecular level.
  • Linoleum flooring can dent, scratch and puncture easily.
  • Our Poly Hybrid top coat is the most durable coating available.
  • Linoleum floor covering can fade over time or lose its shine.
  • During our process, we incorporate a UV-stabilizer when the floor will be subjected to sunlight.
  • Linoleum floor covering can be stained by Kook Aid, driveway sealant, markers and plant food.
  • All of our epoxy floor coatings are stain resistant.
  • Linoleum floors are usually repaired by replacing entire sheets instead of repairing a small area.
  • If our epoxy floor coating becomes damaged, repairs can be performed easily by re-coating problem areas.


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 If you are considering linoleum flooring, call or visit our showroom today to see for yourself how our epoxy floor systems compare!