Full-Chip Mica Floors

Add a little bit of sass and texture to your home with our full-chip, mica epoxy coatings. An alternative to our standard full-chip flooring system, the Vintage Mica steps up the game with a multi-dimensional finish.

What Does “Full Chip” Mean?

A chipped epoxy system has thermoplastic PVA  or mica chips (sometimes both) broadcast into an epoxy color coat. The chips are broadcast before the epoxy cures, permitting them to be embedded. A full-chip application means that the chips have been broadcast to the “point of rejection”…. i.e. the chips are fully covering the epoxy color coat.

A full-chip epoxy coating is thick – up to 30 mils – leaving you with a very durable floor. For comparison: a partially chipped floor is 15 to 18 mils thick, and a non-chipped floor is less than 13 mils.

As a rule of thumb: the higher the millage, the more durable the floor.

What is Mica?

Mica is a glimmering silicate mineral (it looks quite similar to mother of pearl) which is found as minute flakes in granite. It is available in many colors and opacities, and when incorporated in a floor provides an elevated aesthetic.

Mica-Infused Flooring Options

Garage Floor Coating, The Great Lakes offers several full-chip mica coating systems. Our newest additions are the Bagari and Vintage Mica systems. These coating systems use our proprietary mica blends and are available in a plethora of colors.

The Wrap

Take your basement, garage, or any space from ordinary to extraordinary with our full-chip, mica-infused epoxy coating system. At Garage Floor Coating, The Great Lakes, our installers are highly trained in the art and science of application. Call us for a mica-infused floor that will be natural, beautiful, functional, and durable.