Our Organization & Our People

  • We are a family owned and operated dealership of Garage Floor Coating.com., founded in 1996.
  • We opened our doors in 2008.
  • Our independence allows us the latitude and flexibility to provide each of our clients the professional decision making that we deem best for every individual floor surface project.
  • We specialize only in epoxy floor coatings of all types of existing floor surfaces.
  • We use only the highest grade, best quality floor surface products in the industry which are proprietary and manufactured exclusively for us by Garage Floor Coating.com.
  • Our installation processes are safeguarded.
  • Our installations crews are hand picked, trained by us and receive additional training at our corporate headquarters.
  • Our sales team is fully educated and trained specifically to be knowledgeable with all of our floor surface products and installation processes.
  • Each valued member of our staff is an employee of Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes. Every associate takes pride representing us and in their workmanship. We are committed to giving each customer the highest quality of service and floor surface products.
  • We strongly support and are involved in our communities. We are a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), local Chambers of Commerce and the Home Builders Association (HBA).
  • We maintain a fully functional office and service shop in Sylvania, OH with show rooms available to view our floor surfaces.
  • All of our employees are professional and uniformed. Our vehicles are readily identifiable and highly maintained.
  • After each floor surface installation, we request that our customers complete a satisfaction survey and we offer a referral program.
  • We are pleased to make our Commercial Customer List, survey results and testimonials available whenever requested.
  • Visit our website (www.garagefloorcoatingofgl.com) and our Facebook page.

WHY US for Your Floor Surfaces and Garage Floor Coating?

Our Floor Surface Products

We use only the highest grade, best quality polymer floor surface products which are formulated specifically for the Great Lakes region climate changes, typified by harsh temperature fluctuations, high humidity and moist conditions that affect particularly concrete floor surfaces. The typical products used in the floor surface industry have the tendency to fail over time, characterized by brittleness, fading, yellowing and de-lamination (peeling). Chemists are available to us at the corporate level to address changing needs in our products and installations that we determine are necessary to remain the premier epoxy floor covering company in the Great lakes region.

The Epoxy Floor Covering Difference for Your Floor Surfaces or Garage Floor Coating

100 % Solid Epoxy Eco-Corflex, Poly Hybrid & Hydro Polymer vs. Polyurea or Polyurethane Floor Surfaces.

Bonding Power of our Floor Surface Products
  • No matter the existing floor surface, our Eco-Corflex 100% Solid Epoxy Floor Covering systems are designed to penetrate into concrete and bond at the molecular level.
  • Insufficient drying time eventually will produce lifting, peeling and cracking of the floor surface also.
Strength & Durability of our Floor Surface Products
  • Eco-Corflex Epoxy Floor Covering systems are designed to be extremely durable and able to withstand harsh use.
  • Our systems are exclusive and proprietary to Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes. They are both chemically resistant and UV protected to keep your floor surfaces looking their best for year to come.
  • Our Poly Hybrid top coat is not only essential to our installation process, but is the perfect, in fact the best top coat for any epoxy floor system.
Flexibility of our Floor Surface Products
  • Eco-Corflex 100% Solid Epoxy Floor Covering systems from Garage Floor Coating – The Great Lakes, incorporating our Poly Hybrid top coat and unsurpassed underlying applications, are designed to be extremely flexible, allowing the floor system to expand and contract with changing weather and the resulting concrete conditions in our region.


Our Process

  • The installation techniques that we use and the meticulous care that goes in to each project set us apart from the rest of the field.
  • Every existing floor surface is prepared to the highest standards, starting with the initial concrete diamond grind or cleansing of a tile floor surface to remove contaminants, providing the substrate to fully accept our polymer system. Initial preparation is the absolute KEY to a successful epoxy floor covering installation that will last for years.
  • The exact installation methods that we use, right down to the simplest, yet most complex brush or roller stroke, or hand broadcasting of our PVA Micro Chips, are a guarded secret.

Our Service and Attention to Detail as we Install Your Floor Surfaces or Garage Floor Coating

  • We value and adhere to providing superior customer service and take the utmost pride in our work.
  • From the moment you meet us to the final floor surface coating applied to your floor, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.
  • Your project becomes very personal to us and we pay close attention to each and every detail of your floor surface…start to finish.
  • We stake our reputation on your satisfaction. Our availability, educating you on our floor surface products and processes and our warranty guarantees are testimony to our commitment to you, our valued and irreplaceable customer.